As you can hopefully imagine, I don´t have only fashion on my mind. For those who thought so, here is some info about me. But only briefly, because I don´t want to bore you with my whole CV. Who wants to know more, just ask.

The “G” stands for the first letter of my first family name, Grados. I have recently finished studying at the University of Heidelberg with a Master’s degree in political science and in romance philology.

Otherwise I like a lot to do sports and I am rather chilled. I love to travel and to talk to people, because I believe one can learn a lot from others. I also enjoy to go to restaurants, although the atmosphere is to me more important than the food itself. It means that a beautifully decorated table, a nice room, some piece of bread (wholemeal please) and good chilled white wine makes me already very happy. I pay attention to what I eat and try to stay fit.

On holidays, I definitely need to move!

As for fashion, I was already in childhood crazy about it, which didn´t necessarily made me a simple son… I’ve always tried out many things. One grows and passes through different phases. I’ve already restyled some people from top to bottom and they still tell me how satisfied they are with their new look.

Styling means to me you don´t necessarily have to go to extremes. Only a little courage to try something new and reducing the entire grey on the streets is already a good start.

So, that’s about it for now.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you click in regularly.

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