Chino shorts with shirt

Chino shorts with shirt

Chino shorts with shirt is a very good option for summer. Chino shorts are classic, elegant and convince with a simple look and are available in many different colors. Depending on the occasion, they can be combined with a shirt like in this post, or a polo shirt. In combination with a shirt, chino shorts look modern and easy. In muted colors, I find them excellent as a business look for casual Friday. The strong colors, as in here however, are better for the free time. You should make sure that narrow trousers are not too tight. If in doubt, it’s better to buy them in a larger number because that way they keep the casual look. Chino shorts with shirt Summer style Karlo Grados Style Advicer Stuttgart Male Model

The belt should, as we already know, preferably match the color of your shoes. If this is not possible, there shouldn´t be such a great discrepancy among those at least. Or you can also combine the belt with some other part of the outfit. One can´t always match the belt with shoes. For example, I will not wear orange shoes to match an orange belt. Or a white belt will not force me to wear white shoes.

The dog-chino in this I find especially cool. The pink striped shirt fits very well with the blue. The shorter ones are absolutely on trend and may go very well in bright colors. With these outfits you make a good figure in your free daytime and also in the hottest clubs at night. Chino shorts with shirt Summer style Karlo Grados Style Advicer Stuttgart Male Model

With the length you should pay attention to the following:

  • As abusiness look the chino shorts should reach the knee
  • For leisure,it looks Here goes, the fitter the legs, the shorter the chino shorts maybe. However, not when thet highs are too strong. In that case,everything seems too intrusive.
  • The bodysize is also crucial. If one is rather small, the length should be max just above the knee(approx.5cm.). Reason is that really short trousers make legs look even shorter than they are. Who has an average size and more,chino shorts may easily be carried shorter with shirt or polo shirt.Creeeeepy!!

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