French Riviera -summer- I am ready styles

French Riviera -summer- I am ready styles

French Riviera -summer- I am ready styles for all who are craving for vacation. Before going to summer vacation, I want to present you this great style ideas that give you flair of style and relaxation at the same time. I’ll show you how easy it is to look good on holidays.

The typical French Riviera-summer-style has not changed much in past decades, yet it´s modern and fresh. This style is determined primarily by pastel colors. White plays an important role and is always there. The pastel colors go from azure (of course to be expected) to pink, green, beige, etc. There are also a lot of different patterns, one of the most popular is the blue / white striped, reminding of the typical colors of the sailors.

A great style with a clearly classic basis that looks very sophisticated and elegant.

A skillful blend of fashion sense, taste for quality and lifestyle.

In general, French Riviera-summer-style is worn in the summer and especially in holiday by the sea. Yet it looks very good in the cities as well. In recent years we have in all cities Beach bars and similar areas. Let us begin with the holiday feeling already today.

French Riviera -summer- I am ready styles Stilberatung für Männer Karlo Grados Sommer Street style Stuttgart Photo Thomas KruegerTo the first Style:

   The playful slipover and the blue / white bow with the paisley pattern make already the big part of the whole outfit. The pink shirt with rolled up sleeves (let us not forget that it’s summer) is very low key and matching green / white / blue pastels in the slipover. Although a white shirt could also fit, it would be for me personally a bit too much white with white trousers. I present you both combinations, with normal Chino and shorts Chino. I couldn´t decide myself what I like best. That is why the occasion is crucial. In some restaurants, it is in fact not allowed (with reason) to appear for dinner in shorts.

Usually one wears boat shoes with it, but it is quite possible to wear lace-up shoes as well, like me in the these pictures The dark blue lace-up shoes with white stripes complete the entire look.

French Riviera -summer- I am ready styles Stilberatung für Männer Karlo Grados Sommer style Stuttgart Photo Thomas KruegerStyle II:

   Here I show a very successful combination of white and some blue tones with different patterns. The white / blue striped blazer is perfect for the summer and, of course, for this French Riviera -style. The non-iron light blue shirt is a very nice background for the white / blue paisley tie. The simple white pocket square comes into its own, since it fits with the pants. I had fun on my own during the shooting with Thomas and tried the whole thing with shorts and even kept the socks on. I think it’s just hilarious!

I hope you try this French Riviera -summer- I am ready styles, before, during and after the holiday and let me know how you felt.

I wish you all a great summer time with a lot of relaxation and cool champagne or white wine…

Photography: Thomas Krüger

Styling: KarloGStyle

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