Red Chino and Blazer, a must-have combination

Red Chino and Blazer, a must-have combination

Red Chino and Blazer, a must-have combination, because it is simple and awesome. This combination lives from simplicity. In this article, I’m wearing a blazer in corduroy, which is a very good alternative for between seasons. The khaki-green is very classic and very much alive with the bright red pants. A blazer is a basic in the wardrobe of a man. It can be combined with many things and looks chic and casual. Red Chino and Blazer, a must-have combination Style advicer Karlo Grados Stuttgart Germany male model hot

The Chino

Although its origins may go further back, Chino pants gained the breakthrough in the 1940s in the United States, where they have been used by American soldiers as leisure trousers.

Chino, the best alternative to denim

Chinos are pants that have been around almost as long as jeans. The Twill was first used from the mid-19th century for British and French uniform pants. Since it was originally produced in China, it received on Philippines the Spanish name chino, which was then transferred to the pants.

Especially in summer, the Chino is a good and convenient alternative to suit pants for the office. But the Chino can be combined very well with polos or shirts with rolled up sleeves in the free time. Look also for Chino Shorts.

Traditionally, chinos had a khaki color. Khaki chinos can be combined with many pieces of clothing. They fit for business as well as for casual wear.

The khaki color originated in the middle of the 19th century. It is said that an English commander stationed in India constantly complained about dirty white uniforms of his soldiers, caused by dust. On his orders, the uniforms were recolored with a mixture of coffee, curry powder and mulberry juice. The problem was this way eliminated. The word khaki comes from Hindi and means “dust colors”. The fact that the dirt couldn´t be seen at once certainly contributed to the spread of chinos. Chino and Blazer can be combined in various colors. Both Blazers and Chinos are available in almost all colors. Let it be summer!

More about the excellent work done by the photographer Thomas Krüger on his web:

Photography: Tomas Krüger

Styling: KarloGStyle

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