Style advice for the groom and best man in Stuttgart, the white Tuxedo Part 2

Style advice for the groom and best man in Stuttgart, the white Tuxedo Part 2


It is white and made of silk. In the second variant, I wear a black handkerchief, because it is better suited to black / white game in this style.


Black. There are a wide range of black cufflinks like those in the picture.


Black patent leather shoes are the rule. I do not obey 100% every rule, so I wear different kind of shoes, such as in this case, modern patent leather shoes with blue / red inserts.


Whoever follows me already for some time, will not be surprised that I don´t wear black socks. I find them generally boring and firmly believe that after all the traditional and partly prescribed rules; we may let off steam in socks and show here our personality. So do I!

In the second option with the black shirt I want to show that you always have possibilities to vary. Style is also experimenting. Although sometimes the combination black / white is attempted too often and is often interpreted without imagination, I find it here very well done.
The black shirt is perfect as a base for this great vest. This combination brings the vest and its specificity completely to the advantage.
The cube cufflinks are playful and look great. As mentioned above, the Handkerchief is to remain black in this case, to stay better in the game.

There is a lot to pay attention to for a layman. With some time, many things which I´m explaining here, will be self-evident. Should you have any questions, or are you planning your own wedding soon, get in touch with me. You will make your bride or groom very happy. There are many noble varieties.

This article would be impossible without the great photographs, because pictures say more than words. In this case, they were taken by photographer Roman Novitzky. It is always a great pleasure to work with him since he always gives everything and the result is just amazing. The beautiful model is the ballet dancer Miriam Kacerova, principal dancer of Stuttgart Ballet. We make a great couple, don´t we? I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Shirt: KarloGStyle

Tuxedo: KarloGStyle

Pants: Hugo Boss

Shoes: Deckard

Handkerchief: KarloGStyle

Photography: Roman Novitzky

Models: Miriam Kacerova / Karlo Grados

Styling: KarloGStyle

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